About me

Hello. I’ve been a resident of Secondlife since May, 2011.  I have been an avid explorer and shopper.  I’ve surfed, gone skydiving, rode a horse, went scuba diving, danced the night away, made friends and even fell in love (that actually worked out so well that we are married in real life now!)  Secondlife should never be boring…even if you’re by yourself there is still so much to do…you can be anything and do anything.

I no longer work in real life (wow, that feels so nice to say) so I am branching out…..I have wanted to blog for awhile and never had time to really get started.  Now is my time to blog about the things that make my Secondlife beautiful…clothes, shoes, jewelry, home décor…almost anything.  I am also tackling photography since I think that’s a must when blogging…a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I wish you all “pretty things and nice lives“!

Other ways to reach me:

  • Leave a message below
  • Second Life – Victoriacooper
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • Email me at Victoriacooperjames@gmail.com


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