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Make Your Own Trail

Make Your Own TrailHappy Friday everyone!  Shooting this picture made me want to get out and ride my bike, something I haven’t done in far too long.  The heat in the southern US makes it almost impossible in the summer but we are getting some cool evenings and I think its time to dust off the trusty bicycle.  Some of my most memorable bike rides where the ones where we ventured off the path to make a trail of our own.  We always saw wildlife, sometimes a creek and usually signs that someone else had also veered off the path to make discoveries of their own as well.  This adorable pose (bike included) is from PosEd Poses and is available at the Pose Fair going on now through the 31st.  Grab your virtual bicycle and head to the Pose Fair before it ends!

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Bikes & Bricks

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Good morning friends!  Another day in paradise.  The beauty of Second Life never ceases to amaze me, from the fashion, the decor, the landscape.  There is something special waiting around every corner and half the fun is finding it.  I love to revisit my favorite sims and discover beauty I may have missed the first, second or even third time.  If you are in Second Life today I challenge you to explore and find something new in an old favorite!

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