Boogie On Reggae Woman

Featuring Crate and Vanity Hair The summer photos just keep coming and it's only mid June.  Summer stuff is just so fun though, whether it's decor or fashion.  When I am arranging a scene I am usually doing it with the mindset that it is somewhere I would want to vacation in my first life. … Continue reading Boogie On Reggae Woman



Featuring Lyrium Poses and ZK Store I think it's safe to say that summer has arrived in Second Life.  Bikinis, shorts and summer dresses can be found all over the grid.  Summerfest '20 will be here before we know it! June 20th to be exact...just in case you want to mark your calendar now! Today… Continue reading Castaway


Sunrise, Suntan, Sunset, Repeat!

Featuring ZK Store Ahhh...the good old days!  The days when we spent summers at the beach or pool, our bodies slathered up in baby oil that we had added a splash of iodine to.  Sun In in our hair, drinks in a cooler and tunes playing loudly on the boombox.  Yes, it was the early… Continue reading Sunrise, Suntan, Sunset, Repeat!


Beachy Photobombers

Featuring PosEd Poses Advice From A Dolphin Have a playful spirit. Be curious. Find someone you really click with. Sound out new ideas. Find your life's porpoise. Glide through the day with ease. Jump for joy! Today I am blogging a new pose from PosEd Poses.  This new Let's Take a Selfie friend/couple pose is… Continue reading Beachy Photobombers


Salty Breezes

Featuring ZK Store Going to keep it short and salty today with a bit of good advice from the ocean.  Have a great day! Advice from the Ocean Be shore of yourself Come out of your shell Take time to relax and coast Avoid pier pressure Sea life's beauty Don't get tide down Surf life's… Continue reading Salty Breezes

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Getting An Eyeful

I love the way this picture turned out!  Such a fun and original idea for a pose.  I laugh when I look at this picture.  Ciara looks like she sees something she likes while I look like I need to find the nearest eyewash station.  The pose is by shi.s poses and is one of… Continue reading Getting An Eyeful