Good Morning World

Featuring Vinyl Apparel Most mornings I am definitely a morning person.  I wake up easy and I wake up chipper.  There are those rare occasions where I can't seem to snap out of it without coffee though.  I do usually have a little coffee every morning but mostly because I like it...not because I need… Continue reading Good Morning World


Where Flowers Bloom

Featuring Lyrium Poses and [Aleutia] "Where flowers bloom so does hope." - Lady Bird Johnson Today I am featuring an amazing backdrop and pose set from Lyrium Poses.  The Garden View Scene and Poses set comes in three different flower choices, poppies, lilies and chicory.  Each of these comes with 6 poses that move you… Continue reading Where Flowers Bloom


After The Rain

Featuring Vinyl, KoKoLoReS, NAMINOKE and PosEd Poses By the time you are reading this my hubby will be on day number...jeeze...like 19 of being off work.  It's a good thing we really like each other!  *Laughs*  It has taken me a bit out of my normal routine because we are usually up by about 5… Continue reading After The Rain


I Could Be Good For You

Featuring Lyrium Poses Lyrium Poses recently dipped their toes into doing backdrops designed to go along with their new pose sets.  Maybe they have done backdrops in the past and I am just not aware of it but I know these are the first since I started blogging for them a year and a half… Continue reading I Could Be Good For You


It’s A Beautiful Morning

  Featuring Why Not? Loving the vibrant yellow and blue in this morning kitchen scene.  I know I could certainly enjoy my morning coffee in a room like this.  Even Miss Kitty has had her morning saucer of milk. The Argyle Kitchen is a new release from Why Not? and comes with everything but the… Continue reading It’s A Beautiful Morning


Raining Cats & Dogs

Featuring ZK Store and Peekaboo The weather has certainly turned the corner here in the southern US and I've even had to throw a hoodie on to go out with the dogs in the morning.  Some rain is in the forecast as well though we need plenty of it so I'm not complaining.  It's just… Continue reading Raining Cats & Dogs


Kitty Love

Featuring Lyrium and CandyDoll I'm an animal lover...cats, dogs, guinea pigs...I've plenty of those throughout my life.  A fellow blogger (and someone I like to think is a friend also but you know some of us bloggers keep to our platforms and I am one of those but still...I call her a friend) posted on… Continue reading Kitty Love


Madame Zamora’s Wares

Featuring Refuge I don't usually schedule or do a blog post for Sundays...not for any particular reason other than it's just a total "relax day" with my hubby.  We wake at our leisure, have a nice breakfast and just chill and see how the day unfolds.  Today however, is September 1st so that means that… Continue reading Madame Zamora’s Wares


Pretty In Pink

Featuring Aphrodite Shop Hey all you girly girls and pastel lovers!  You know you can never have enough pink so check out this living room set from Aphrodite Shop.  It's a full set that comes in PG and adult versions and even includes some decor.  If you missed it at Sanarae you can grab it… Continue reading Pretty In Pink

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A Stop Along The Way

Featuring ZK Store and Fashiowl Poses Loving the memories that this photo brought back to me.  In my younger days I had a pink moped and I loved it!  I was living in a fairly rural area so it was safe to hop on and go out for a little cruise without worrying about traffic. … Continue reading A Stop Along The Way