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I Scream, You Scream

Featuring [Fetch] and CAZIMI Recently I discovered Hagendaz Green Tea ice cream and though it may sound gross, especially since I dislike most tea, it is actually delicious.  It's very light, not too sweet and perfect after dinner. Featured here are new Pearlized Nails by CAZIMI and great new flower earrings from [Fetch].  The nailpolish… Continue reading I Scream, You Scream

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Leather, Rubber & Steel

Leather, rubber and steel...all of these can be found in my photo but that is not the only place you can find items constructed of those materials.  Can you guess what I may be talking about?  If you guessed the Kinky Event you would be correct!  This beautifully detailed corset, or corsage in German (I… Continue reading Leather, Rubber & Steel

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Chilled Raspberry

I am in LOVE with this latest polish from CAZIMI.  It is so rich in color, unique in design and just so elegant.  It goes so well with diamonds and champagne as you can see.  It is the newest design by CAZIMI and will be available at REDEUX.  Shown is the Persephone palette which includes… Continue reading Chilled Raspberry


Blue Lacquer

Nail polish...I love it.  From the time I was little I adored having my nails polished.  I had an older cousin who would give me her hand-me-down polish and I would put it on whoever would agree to be my victim...er...prospective client.  Cazimi never fails to fill my desire for pretty nails and has done… Continue reading Blue Lacquer