It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Featuring The Little Branch and Why Not? So I was thinking the other day...dangerous I know...but I was thinking about all of the Second Life residents that live on the beautiful beaches of Second Life.  I mean there is no Autumn at the beach, certainly not the true reds, oranges and yellows of Fall.  Most… Continue reading It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over


Festive Fall

Featuring The Little Branch, MudHoney and Sway's I have been sorting through my Halloween decorations and am excited about the whole trick or treating thing this year.  I finally live somewhere that I am very likely to get some kids.  I loved taking my daughter out for trick or treating when she was little.  Our… Continue reading Festive Fall


Get On A Trail

Featuring Promagic and Fashiowl Poses I miss bike riding.  My last go around with cancer and a related surgery mishap that paralyzed a vocal cord, has left me with some lovely side effects that are seemingly here to stay.  Until just recently I would be out of breath at the end of a shower so… Continue reading Get On A Trail


Close The Door Baby

Featuring ZK Store and Magnolia Hill Trading Co. I am in love with this dress. Yes, it shows a bit of skin but it is the perfect combination of risque and elegance that make it super sexy.  The draping of the top portion is just beautiful.  Just putting it on had me pulling up my… Continue reading Close The Door Baby


Farmer’s Daughter

Featuring Fashiowl Poses and Meva Here is another cute pose set from Fashiowl Poses and I love it because it gave me another excuse to put on my cowgirl hat and boots!  It is the Morgana set that is available at the current round of Enchantment which has a King Arthur theme.  The horses are… Continue reading Farmer’s Daughter


Nothing Like A Little Jack And Coke

Featuring [Aleutia], Lyrium and |T|L|C| Home Collection More new fun stuff for all the shoppers and animal lovers out there!  Let's start with my dress.  It's from Aleutia and though it is actually a dress I have paired it with a skirt.  I found this funny because it was like real life carrying over to… Continue reading Nothing Like A Little Jack And Coke


Some Days She Felt A Little Vintage

Featuring PROMAGIC Today I am wearing a new release from Promagic and I love it.  It's beautiful with its classic simplicity and has some great colors and textures available.  I love the vintage feel of the one I am showing here but if that is not your thing there are some shiny, holographic options as… Continue reading Some Days She Felt A Little Vintage


Intricate Design

Featuring Promagic  Just how amazing are these earrings from Promagic.  They have such a unique design and though I am featuring them as part of a Bollywood inspired look they also looked drop dead sexy when I changed up the color and paired them with a black corset dress.  They include a texture hud so… Continue reading Intricate Design


Take A Sip

Featuring -:ZK:- Store and Fashiowl Poses   Well, its official!  Summer is here!  The first day of summer was last Friday and you can feel it in Second Life.  Summerfest is going on now and it is full of so much summer fun; Fashion, decor, poses, landscaping, you name it! This cute set from Dust… Continue reading Take A Sip

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Flamingo Fabulous

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection I am lucky enough to blog for one of my favorite animal creators in Second Life, |T|L|C| Home Collection.  They always create not only the animals but beautiful scenes to go along with them and now they have released their first Animesh item and its so beautiful.  Flamingo Island is the… Continue reading Flamingo Fabulous