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Bedroom Luxuries

Featuring [Krescendo] and [InsurreKtion] Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose. -Unknown- Credits Decor [Krescendo] Hollywood Glamour Chair @ A+ Event Hollywood Glamour Chandelier @ A+ Event Hollywood Glamour Phone @ A+ Event Hollywood Glamour Table @ A+ Event [InsurreKtion] White Boudoir Air Freshener White Boudoir Beauty Set White Boudoir Candle White… Continue reading Bedroom Luxuries

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Sea Cruise

Featuring Meva and Elle Boutique Loving the sharp, crisp look of the newest release by Meva. The Marina set will be available at The Gacha Garden which opens today, February 1st.  There are several pieces to collect and all mix and match quite well. When I tried it on I felt like I was ready… Continue reading Sea Cruise

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Bubble Bath

I think baths are underrated!  I love a nice hot bath, a good book (yes, the paper kind where you have to be careful not to get it wet) and a nice glass of Moscato! I have created several bathrooms in Second Life through the years and they always have a bath tub.  I love… Continue reading Bubble Bath


Blue Lacquer

Nail polish...I love it.  From the time I was little I adored having my nails polished.  I had an older cousin who would give me her hand-me-down polish and I would put it on whoever would agree to be my victim...er...prospective client.  Cazimi never fails to fill my desire for pretty nails and has done… Continue reading Blue Lacquer