Farmer’s Daughter

Featuring Fashiowl Poses and Meva Here is another cute pose set from Fashiowl Poses and I love it because it gave me another excuse to put on my cowgirl hat and boots!  It is the Morgana set that is available at the current round of Enchantment which has a King Arthur theme.  The horses are… Continue reading Farmer’s Daughter


A Life in Balance

Featuring *SK* and Fashiowl Poses Life is about balance. Be kind, but don't let people abuse you. Trust, but don't let people deceive you. Be content, but never stop improving yourself. -Nishan Panwar- Credits What Victoria is Wearing Victoria’s Standards Nails – e.marie – Vacation Required Hair – Wasabi – Venere  @ Hair Fair Top – *SK* – Noelia Top @ Sense… Continue reading A Life in Balance



Featuring ZK Store and Fashiowl Poses I can be your dominatrix Just submit to my every order Enter my diamond matrix Devour my golden flower Make me your priority There's nothing above my pleasure She may be the queen of hearts But Imma be the queen of your body parts -Rihanna - Cockiness (Love It)-… Continue reading Cockiness


One Little Spark

Featuring Fashiowl Poses and Sway's One Little Spark One little spark of inspiration Is at the heart of all creation Right at the start of everything that's new One little spark, lights up for you We all have sparks, imaginations That's how our minds, create creations For they can make our wildest dreams come true… Continue reading One Little Spark


The Color Purple

Featuring *SK* and Fashiowl Poses I love the movie The Color Purple and usually end up watching it whenever I am flipping channels and find it on.  I have so many favorite parts and love the characters but my most favorite scenes are ones that revolve around Shug Avery. There is a scene where she… Continue reading The Color Purple


Make A Backyard Splash

Featuring [Aleutia], Fashiowl Poses, [Fetch] and Refuge It's hot here in the southern US.  Yes, we have had some rain but it doesn't last long and when it ends it feels even more humid.  It's days like this that I miss my mom's swimming pool in Michigan.  The yard at the new house is big… Continue reading Make A Backyard Splash


Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Featuring Fashiowl Poses and Sway's Ready to make a splash? Then get ready for the upcoming round of GachaLand which starts on July 1st.  That is where you will find all of these fruity floating rings just waiting to fill your pool or beach.  There are 11 to collect including one rare with 3 rainbow… Continue reading Where The Sun Don’t Shine


Take A Sip

Featuring -:ZK:- Store and Fashiowl Poses   Well, its official!  Summer is here!  The first day of summer was last Friday and you can feel it in Second Life.  Summerfest is going on now and it is full of so much summer fun; Fashion, decor, poses, landscaping, you name it! This cute set from Dust… Continue reading Take A Sip


Sugar, Sugar

Featuring Refuge, Fashiowl Poses and Meva I think my age is showing a little this morning, at least to myself.  Of course that never bother me, age is only a number, right?  It wasn't until the end of the post when I was thinking of a title that it happened. The thoughts going through my… Continue reading Sugar, Sugar

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A Stop Along The Way

Featuring ZK Store and Fashiowl Poses Loving the memories that this photo brought back to me.  In my younger days I had a pink moped and I loved it!  I was living in a fairly rural area so it was safe to hop on and go out for a little cruise without worrying about traffic. … Continue reading A Stop Along The Way