Ray of Sunshine

Featuring MudHoney I love a splash of yellow in a room, especially in summer.  If I didn't have dogs and at the hair that goes along with them, I am sure at least one room in my house would be done in all white and yellow.  Until then, there is always Second Life...where you never… Continue reading Ray of Sunshine


The Heart of the Home

Featuring [Krescendo] Pull up a chair, grab some tea or lemonade and tell me about your day.  I love the days this happens at my house.  Those are the days I can lure the hubby away from YouTube news recaps or a video game, to sit at the table and talk to me while I… Continue reading The Heart of the Home


One Little Spark

Featuring Fashiowl Poses and Sway's One Little Spark One little spark of inspiration Is at the heart of all creation Right at the start of everything that's new One little spark, lights up for you We all have sparks, imaginations That's how our minds, create creations For they can make our wildest dreams come true… Continue reading One Little Spark


World Peace Summit

Featuring Sway's Hate.  It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet. -Maya Angelou-   I used a beach towel from this set the other day but wanted showcase the entire collection in a post of its own.  As I was rezzing out all the towels, one… Continue reading World Peace Summit


But The Sign Said Car Wash

Featuring Meva, Refuge and Elle Boutique It looks like I DID take that wrong turn at Albuquerque but salt is good for cars, right? Well, having lived in Michigan almost my entire life I can answer that with a resounding NO!  That was the first thing I noticed when I moved to the south.  You… Continue reading But The Sign Said Car Wash


Oui, Oui

Featuring [InsurreKtion] Want a vacation in France?  Then head to over to The Liaison Collaborative and check out the new gacha set from [InsurreKtion].  The French Moments set will let you create your own mini vacation where you can drink wine and eat macaroons or have some espresso with a croissant, all the while staring… Continue reading Oui, Oui


Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Featuring Fashiowl Poses and Sway's Ready to make a splash? Then get ready for the upcoming round of GachaLand which starts on July 1st.  That is where you will find all of these fruity floating rings just waiting to fill your pool or beach.  There are 11 to collect including one rare with 3 rainbow… Continue reading Where The Sun Don’t Shine


Patriotic Green Thumb

Featuring Refuge The Fourth of July is right around the corner and I am excited to see lots of American Flags showing up in my new neighborhood.  My usual "method" of blogging decor that consists of multiple pieces is to rez it all out, look at the pieces and usually (and luckily) an idea comes… Continue reading Patriotic Green Thumb


Bumble Bee Cafe

Featuring [Krescendo] and Old Barn Door This whole scene was built around Krescendo's Bumble Bee Cafe sign.  It is part of the Dallas Sign Gacha that was released in April at GachaLand and there are still a few in the set that I plan on doing pictures around. As I started pullings thing out of… Continue reading Bumble Bee Cafe

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Let’s Go Camping

Featuring [Aleutia], [Krescendo] and [InsurreKtion] This photo was so fun and made me want to go camping so much!  I love camping and have camped my whole adult life.  We tent camped for years and then upgraded to a popup camper and then again to a hardside camper.  The popup camper was hands down my… Continue reading Let’s Go Camping