Beauty Rest

Featuring [Krescendo] and *KATE* I've never been one much for napping but lately I have been squeezing one in.  It helps to pass a bit of time during this whole self quarantine and since my husband is still off work we have been staying up later and later.  The problem with that is that I… Continue reading Beauty Rest


Roam If You Want To

Featuring *SK* Hopefully you are doing your part and staying home and staying safe.  I am a bit of a homebody to begin with so it hasn't been hard for me at all and of course I can still get out in the virtual world and explore to my heart's content....or as the B-52's said… Continue reading Roam If You Want To


Ramen On The Go

  Featuring BALACLAVA, Sway's, Kiru, zOOm and j!NX Today I am featuring more items from the East Asia edition of Tlalli - The Fair Around the World.  If you haven't stopped by yet you definitely need to go check it out even if it's just to take in the sim design.  It looks amazing and… Continue reading Ramen On The Go


Hurry Home

Featuring MudHoney and [Krescendo] Tick-tock, I'm watching the clock I can't wait til we get to rock I wanna scream and dream and throw a love parade Is that okay? Tonight is me and you alone Won't make a call, won't even write a song See I've been waiting and waiting for the time to… Continue reading Hurry Home


Christmas Countdown

Featuring Promagic Well...it's happened!  I am in full blown Christmas mode...movies, decorating, music, baking, you name it!  I'm also getting excited about the upcoming "Black Friday" shopping free-for-all in Second Life.  I love getting those half off gift cards!  They give me bonus spending money through the year. I don't go out shopping anymore in… Continue reading Christmas Countdown


Close The Door Baby

Featuring ZK Store and Magnolia Hill Trading Co. I am in love with this dress. Yes, it shows a bit of skin but it is the perfect combination of risque and elegance that make it super sexy.  The draping of the top portion is just beautiful.  Just putting it on had me pulling up my… Continue reading Close The Door Baby


Some Days She Felt A Little Vintage

Featuring PROMAGIC Today I am wearing a new release from Promagic and I love it.  It's beautiful with its classic simplicity and has some great colors and textures available.  I love the vintage feel of the one I am showing here but if that is not your thing there are some shiny, holographic options as… Continue reading Some Days She Felt A Little Vintage


A Day At The Beach

Featuring [Fetch] Ready to spend the day at the beach?  Don't forget to pack the essentials! Book?  Check! Tunes?  Check! Drinks?  Check! Sunscreen?  Check! Water toy?  Check! Sunglasses?  Check! If you have everything on the list you're pretty much set!  If you need sunglasses head over to [Fetch]!  You will find loads there!  Pack up… Continue reading A Day At The Beach


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Featuring *KATE* Jewelry & Accessories I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan and when I saw these rainbow socks from *KATE* Jewelry I knew that an OZ picture was coming and this set was SO fun to put together!  These adorable socks are also perfect for Pride Month!  They do come in other colors as well. … Continue reading Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Wild Horses

Featuring Meva Here I am..channeling my inner cowgirl.  Actually I am not that big of a horse fan.  I mean I think they are beautiful but when I was in 7th grade I was thrown from a horse and broke my arm pretty badly....that was it for me in the horse riding department! *Laughs* I… Continue reading Wild Horses