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Courageous Woman

Courageous Woman

Featuring *SK*

“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”

Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice

This picture is a perfect example of why I say I don’t want to limit myself to one style of blogging.  For me it is so much more satisfying when I can be inspired by something whether it is fashion or decor, modern or vintage.

I thought of the movie Pride and Prejudice immediately when I saw this dress by *SK*.  I love the movie and the main character, Elizabeth Bennet,  or perhaps I should say I love the personality given to the character by the book’s author, Jane Austen.  Elizabeth is courageous, playful, independent and intelligent….she just doesn’t put up with crap, you know?

The quote above is one of my favorites.  I have always felt that same way for as long as I can remember but didn’t realize how fortunate that really was until I was older.  Peer pressure has never been an issue for me at any point in my life and I realize how lucky I was to have escaped it.  I have never felt a need to fit in if that meant pretending and I have never been afraid to admit to my likes or dislikes about something, even if they put me in the minority.

These strengths begin to be formed in childhood and I realize not everyone is allowed to nurture these strengths.  My wish for all is that you have the same courage Elizabeth had and that it rises up when you need it most!


What I’m wearing

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Head – Catwa – Eva

Skin – Insol – Nicole

Eyes – Aviglam –Heartbreaker Eyes @ N21

Hair – Tram – G1224

Dress – *SK* – Rosie (includes headpiece) @ Enchantment


InDiGo Poses

Female Blogger Poses – Stand #21


Heart Garden Center

Riverbank Weeping Willow

Harmony Wild Poppies

Harmony Tulips

Queen Ann’s Lace

Aubretia – Purple

Studio Skye

Skye Log Bridge

Rustic Fence Set


Dirt Road – Dark Brown

The Little Branch

Korean Beech Tree

[ Organica ]

Cosmos Deep Red

Delilah Blossom Sheer Curtain


New Beginnings Geese


Vintage Egg Basket

The Black Forest

Lily Pads & Water Lilies

 Just Animals

Milking Cow Standing

Milking Cow Eating

Ally Foxtrot

Texas Country Windmill – Marketplace has closed


Pride and Prejudice Main Theme (Dawn) – Piano Arrangement by Andrew Lapp

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I Love Pillow Piles

Is It Saturday Yet_

Featuring On A Lark, Space Oddities & Sources

For as long as I have been in Second Life I have always loved a good pillow pile!  As a teen I remember begging my mother to let me take down the 2 twin beds that filled my upper loft bedroom and just put the mattresses on the floor, side by side.  Finally one day, she let me!  Once in the floor, they were roughly the size of a king size bed, a luxury to me, and I piled every spare pillow in the house on those mattresses.  I suppose that is where I first fell in love with a good pillow pile.

It was only natural to fix myself a Christmas pillow pile and this big, fuzzy pillow from Sources made a great start.  Then I added some more throw pillows from Space Oddities, which worked perfect with my black and pink theme, and my comfy PJ’s and slippers from On A Lark tied up all the loose ends.  I’m ready to stay put here until after Christmas!  Now who is bringing me treats?

P.S. REDEUX wraps up in a few days so don’t miss my featured items available there.  Info is in the credits!

{Style & Decor Credits}




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Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold, one of my favorite Christmas songs…probably because it reminds me of Sam the Snowman from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer but silver and gold are a beautiful combination.

My gorgeous dress is the latest from *SK* and will be available at the Kinky Event, which starts today.  It comes in beautiful metallic colors making it great for the holidays; a perfect New Year’s Eve dress.

The decor pieces come from Artemis Corner and will be available at the SL Christmas Expo.  The expo starts on November 30th and is for the benefit of Relay For Life. You can stay up to date on all the latest happenings by visiting the SL Christmas Expo website.  Once the landmark is announced to the public, it will also be on the website.  There will be hunts, raffles, snow man building, entertainment, ice skating, photos with Santa, shopping galore and so much more! The expo ends on December 9th so be sure to go early and visit often to see all the offerings.

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring *SK* and Artemis Corner

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Wild Wisteria

Willful WIsteria

I love Wisteria and I am lucky to have a few spots near my house where it grows wild.  The vines take over the tree tops, spreading and filling them with dripping purple clusters.  It is considered an invasive species and its seeds are poison but it is beautiful nonetheless and I love seeing it growing in the wild.  Disclaimer: I also admit to waving my arms, clapping and possibly squealing with delight, “Look, Cotton!”, when we drive past a cotton field.  Having lived most of my life in the northern US (except for the past 6 years), cotton fields were something I had never seen.  I am glad that the little things still make me happy.

Moving along to my outfit….It’s called Maxima and is the latest design by *SK*.  It comes in 17 gorgeous colors and the texture work is beautiful.  It has the perfect shine as all silk should with just a hint of sheerness.  It is available now at We Love Roleplay.  The current round ends on November 30th.

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring *SK*

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Let’s Take A Drive

Let's Take A DriveShe’s a little vintage…but she runs good considering her age!  Am I talking about the truck or myself?  Laughs..both!  Loving this new outfit by Meva and it’s only a couple of the pieces that are part of the new gacha set, Nadja, available at The Gacha Garden starting today.  I will include the gacha key below so you can see all of the pieces available.  The jacket and dress come in multiple colors and there are also 2 different styles of shirts, a skirt in multiple colors and a bandana, also available in multiple colors.  Everything matches perfectly for many mix and match combos.  The dress is the Seeds of Inspiration item from the same set.  Lots of goodies this round!  Have fun!

{Style Credits}

Featuring Meva

Meva Nadja Gacha Key.png

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Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

I think baths are underrated!  I love a nice hot bath, a good book (yes, the paper kind where you have to be careful not to get it wet) and a nice glass of Moscato! I have created several bathrooms in Second Life through the years and they always have a bath tub.  I love this new Lavish Sink by Krescendo as well.  The combination of the elegant marble and the industrial pipework allows it to fit perfectly with many decor styles and to top that off it comes with a hud to change the textures on all parts so there are countless combinations to choose from. The sink will be available at the Black Fair which starts on October 5th.  Don’t miss it!

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring [Krescendo]



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Cheveux on the Rocks

Cheveux On the Rocks

“Cheveux on the rocks please.”  It sounds like you are ordering a drink but in reality…well, make that virtual reality, it is a great new hair by Cheveux available at the Hair Fair.  The Hair Fair starts September 22nd and if you are in the demo group you get access to all the demos today, September 21st.  The sim design is great this year with sort of an “out west” feel about it with cute little clusters of cactus scattered about.  You can also hop on a prim bus again this year, to help you move around the sim.  Most importantly, this is a fundraising event for Wigs for Kids.  You can read all about the important work they do here. The Hair Fair runs thru October 7th so be sure to visit the sims, get some new hair and donate to a great cause.

{Style Credits}