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Something Old, Something New

Featuring Aphrodite Shop and [Krescendo] Are you a baker?  I like to bake, I just don't do it often.  The things in this photo remind me so much of my mothers kitchen.  She swears her best kitchen items are her old vintage ones, like her bowl she makes her chocolate chip cookies in. I'm not… Continue reading Something Old, Something New

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Country Kitchen

Featuring InsurreKtion It wasn't until I begin to do the write up of this photo that I realized it reminds me so much of my mothers kitchen.  Full of food, knick-knacks and love.  Featured here are items from the latest gacha set by InsurreKtion.  It's the After Party Diet set and it is available at… Continue reading Country Kitchen


What’s For Dinner?

Want to make dinner exciting? I'm sure ordering take out and showing up at the table in next to nothing would do the trick.  I go through times where I love to cook and others when I can't stand it, mostly because I am tired of making the same old thing.  In my home it's… Continue reading What’s For Dinner?