The Most Beautiful Light

Featuring [Krescendo],  Lyrium and *SK* I want to be like the stars. I want to shine through the darkness and stay the same, but change through the seasons. And when I am nearing my end I want to shine the brightest I have ever shone so that when I die I may cast the most… Continue reading The Most Beautiful Light


The Big Blue World

Featuring Promagic and {Old Barn Door} You know we rarely think about all the wondrous, interesting things that are going on in the ocean as we sit and watch it from the sandy shore.  I have a friend that lives in Ft. Myers Beach and I have been lucky enough to vacation there on a… Continue reading The Big Blue World

General Blog Posts

Bed of Roses

I have only been blogging since May and I am loving it so much. Whether I am blogging for a sponsor or just for myself, I find it just a huge rush of creative energy, something I have been missing, mostly due to time constraints.  I am blessed to be able to have more time… Continue reading Bed of Roses