Don’t Drink And Limbo

Featuring PosEd Poses and Sway's Poses are so fun to work with and what I really love is taking a pose and using it in a way that I am sure the creator didn't have in mind.  I always hope they don't mind when I take creative liberties with them.  Anyway, with beach season in… Continue reading Don’t Drink And Limbo


Flippin’ Your Fins

Featuring Lyrium, [Aleutia] and Sway's I am having so much fun with the summer photos!  I know that before we know it myself and my fellow bloggers will be moving on to Fall and Halloween but for now there is still PLENTY of time for summer shots. I am featuring a pose from Lyrium's new… Continue reading Flippin’ Your Fins


A Day At The Beach

Featuring [Fetch] Ready to spend the day at the beach?  Don't forget to pack the essentials! Book?  Check! Tunes?  Check! Drinks?  Check! Sunscreen?  Check! Water toy?  Check! Sunglasses?  Check! If you have everything on the list you're pretty much set!  If you need sunglasses head over to [Fetch]!  You will find loads there!  Pack up… Continue reading A Day At The Beach


Make A Backyard Splash

Featuring [Aleutia], Fashiowl Poses, [Fetch] and Refuge It's hot here in the southern US.  Yes, we have had some rain but it doesn't last long and when it ends it feels even more humid.  It's days like this that I miss my mom's swimming pool in Michigan.  The yard at the new house is big… Continue reading Make A Backyard Splash

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Birds and Blooms

Featuring :: NEWCHURCH :: Nestled here between the birds and blooms is the Thea Console and Mirror Set from :: NEWCHURCH ::.  It comes in Bronze, shown here and Chrome.  It is available at the current round of Cosmopolitan.  It also includes a candle display not show here.  It is a great piece with an… Continue reading Birds and Blooms


Spice is Nice

It's that time of year again people!  Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING is about to flood grocery stores, coffee shops and will even be showing up front and center on apparel in Second Life as well as your "real life" neighborhood.  PosEd Poses has a new group gift out to celebrate the return of "spice" to your… Continue reading Spice is Nice