Life’s A Beach

Featuring {Old Barn Door} When Katrina, the creator behind {Old Barn Door} sent us a heads up that the new Lagoon Beach Cottage was coming a soon and was chock-full of everything but the kitchen sink..oh wait...that's included too...well anyway, let me just say, she wasn't kidding! Almost everything you see in this photo and… Continue reading Life’s A Beach


After Hours At The Beach

Featuring {Old Barn Door} It's summer and beach photos are all over Facebook and Flickr.  Until now my beach and summer photos have all been sunny and bright but just because the sun sets every evening doesn't mean there is still not fun to be had on the beach. Evening is great for sitting around… Continue reading After Hours At The Beach


Attic Celebrations

Featuring Refuge This was another fun photo to put together.  It started when I was going through items in Blogotex and came across the Eclectic Halloween Gacha set from Refuge and felt a bit of a personal challenge coming on. I said to myself, "Self, it's the middle of summer but what can you do… Continue reading Attic Celebrations


Hey Fall, Don’t Steal My Sunshine!

Featuring {Old Barn Door} So yesterday I saw a meme on Facebook of a beautiful fall picture with the title "Who's ready for Fall?" and I admit I felt a twinge.  I love summer and everything that the season entails; barbecues, swimming, flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, sweating my a** off.....wait..ok, maybe I… Continue reading Hey Fall, Don’t Steal My Sunshine!


The Big Blue World

Featuring Promagic and {Old Barn Door} You know we rarely think about all the wondrous, interesting things that are going on in the ocean as we sit and watch it from the sandy shore.  I have a friend that lives in Ft. Myers Beach and I have been lucky enough to vacation there on a… Continue reading The Big Blue World


Delicious Dusk

Featuring {Old Barn Door} I could certainly spend an evening or two...or 20...sitting on a patio like this.  Mine is slowly getting there and though the gardenia has finished blooming now, I did enjoy several evenings watching the sun set with the scent of it on the warm, evening breeze. Featured here is the Coral… Continue reading Delicious Dusk


Welcome To Our Farmhouse

Featuring {Old Barn Door} A Farmhouse Kitchen Hanging in the pine-board kitchen in the evening lantern's glow there's a row of cast-iron skillets but, they're not hanging there for "show"... They'll soon hold the morning sausage and the eggs from cackling hens They'll pour out with good milk gravy made for feeding hungry men... Then… Continue reading Welcome To Our Farmhouse


Once Upon A Time

Featuring Old Barn Door Once upon a time long, long ago in a land called Second Life there was a cottage in the woods.  It was called Brookshire Cottage and it was tucked in a forest on a cute little parcel...a corner parcel with a sunset view. Magical things happened often on this parcel.  Beautiful… Continue reading Once Upon A Time


Bumble Bee Cafe

Featuring [Krescendo] and Old Barn Door This whole scene was built around Krescendo's Bumble Bee Cafe sign.  It is part of the Dallas Sign Gacha that was released in April at GachaLand and there are still a few in the set that I plan on doing pictures around. As I started pullings thing out of… Continue reading Bumble Bee Cafe

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Baby Mine

Well it's Monday and I am exhausted from spending the weekend moving into our new home.  We moved everything I had packed up and some small furniture pieces and I am starting to pack up the kitchen now.  This will be my last blog post for a couple of weeks as we finish this move… Continue reading Baby Mine