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G is for Goat

G is for Goat

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection

Looks like Old MacDonald was late getting breakfast for these goats and they have started without him.  These cute goats are from |T|L|C| Home Collection and are available at the current round of Cosmopolitan.  The Thieves Kid Goats come as a pre-designed display and you also get individual goats, perfect for all your Second Life animal pictures.  Now pardon me while I feed these goats proper….don’t want anyone getting cut on a tin can you know!



|T|L|C| Home Collection

Little Thieves Goat Kids Set @ Cosmopolitan

Adi’s Stuff

The Red Barn


Portland Farm Sign


Apocalyptica Gas Pump Blue

Total Destruction

AS Old Tractor


Trash Can White

Heart Garden Center

Harmony Wild Dandelions



Dirt Road

PILOT & Can’t Even

Metal Tubs


Log Stool

Tyre Pile


Wood Crate


New Beginning Rake

New Beginning Pitchfork

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Blooming Sunshine

Blooming Sunshine

Featuring Sway’s and {Old Barn Door}

Here is another great hideaway from the summer sun.  Who can resist sunflowers!  So bright and showy!  I’m going to shoo away the crows and have a seat and sip lemonade!  Care to join me?

Featured here are the Farmhouse Wingback Chairs from {Old Barn Door}.  They will be available at The Chapter Four which opens on the 4th.  If you buy them at the event you are going to get exclusive packs giving you chairs in both color options…so 2 for the price of one.  After the event they will be sold separately so don’t miss out!  There is also a texture change option for the pillow.

Also available are these adorable Emoji Mini Flowerpots from Sway’s.  They are available at GachaLand.  There is also a special gift at the event.  It’s a cute little shelf in 2 sizes which are perfect for displaying your pots. Last but not least is the Gachaland exclusive which is a larger, texture changing pot that includes 10 emoji faces. Stop by and get yours!



{Old Barn Door}

Farmhouse Wingback @ The Chapter Four

Farmhouse Flower Basket @ The Chapter Four


Rhea Autumn Hangout Gazebo

Emoji Mini Flowerpots @  GachaLand


Sisal Rug


Fairy Tea Time Table

|T|L|C| Home Collection




{What Next}

Sunflowers Pitcher


Green Grocers Lemonade

Old World

Sculpt Grass White Daises

The Little Branch

Grass V4 Animated Mesh


Sunflower · Frank Sinatra



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Summer Sun Respite

Summer Sun Respite

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection

Let’s talk Second Life inventory for a second, shall we?  I spent a long time sorting mine out when I first started blogging because I knew it would be essential to get and stay organized…and it has been.

However, when you have been a…hmmm..”collector” (because we aren’t hoarders, right?) as long as me, even though it may be sorted, we may not recall what it actually is.  For example, what is Le Chant Lie?  Well you will have to check my credits to find out.

I had a scene in mind that I wanted to use this new release from TLC with so I went to my “Outdoor Furnishings & Decor” folder and just started rezzing stuff.  I found some great things I had forgotten about simply because I didn’t recall the name of it.

In my old fashioned (or just old) brain I can totally imagine a women, nestled here, reading and drinking iced tea..waiting to meet her husband who is out working in the field.  Once he arrives, she will offer him a drink and they will begin the slow walk home..hand in hand.  Have a nice weekend everyone!



|T|L|C| Home Collection

Feathered Squatters – Oriole @ Bloom


Le Chant Lie

Misty Monday Morning Fence

Misty Monday Morning Bike


Sweet Retreat


Sisal Rug

Studio Skye

Rustic Fence Set

a.n.c. Ltd.

Curly Forest Grass – Purple

Heart Garden Center

Harmony Wild Poppies

Harmony Wild Iris


Sweet Garden Grass 02 – Green

Sweet Garden Grass 02 – Purple

Apple Fall

Apiary Bee Hives


Rustic Garden Decor Wheelbarrow

Artisan Fantasy

Flower Cart Lavender

Flower Cart Coneflowers

Flower Cart Daisies

The Artist Shed

Country Planter Bushel Basket


Bird Apartments


Reunion/Finale (From “The Color Purple” Soundtrack)


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A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air

Featuring {Old Barn Door}

The rain seems to be clearing out and today the sun is shining with more to come on Sunday and Monday.  I love the warm snaps of early spring when you can finally open some windows and let some fresh air in.

The roof and ceiling damage that I previously wrote about has all been repaired and I have slowly been getting things back where they belong.  It was nice to be able to open the window and let the spring air blow away the new paint smell.

Featured here is the upcoming new release from {Old Barn Door}.  It is the Farmhouse Living Set and will be available at the new round of Shiny Shabby which starts on the 20th.  Have a great weekend and Happy St. Patricks Day!  Have fun and be safe!



{Old Barn Door}

Farmhouse Living Set @ Shiny Shabby

Buffalo Check Curtains

Farmhouse Basket

Farmhouse Candle

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse End Table

Farmhouse Frame Decor w/ Sign

Farmhouse Lamp

Farmhouse Rug

Farmhouse Sofa

Farmhouse Stand

Death Row Designs

Gardenhouse Inside Doorshelf Decor

Gardenhouse Hanging Flowerpot

Gardenhouse Wall Plates

A.D.D. Andel

Hearts on a String


Maison Lantern

Spargel & Shine Homes

Elegance Ornate Mirror (color modified)

{What Next}

Hanne Woodburning Stove

Spring Bloom Tulip Planter

Summer Window Box

Hanging Heart Decor

Camber Coffee Tray

Dust Bunny

Hanging Plants – Ivy

Hanging Plants – Double Planter

Cheeky Pea

 Daniella Armchair

Trompe Loeil

Yasmine Noel Milk Can

Fancy Decor

Magazine Stack

Chez Moi Furnitures

Sheppard Pillow Basket


Shortie Cats – Curious


Winter Cottage (Rare)

*Hanta Burgundy Rug no longer available*


Indigo Girls – Southland in the Springtime

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New York State of Mind

New York State of Mind

Featuring :: NEWCHURCH ::

I love the industrial look and feel of this new release from :: NEWCHURCH ::.  The shape of the bed and the detail in the trim work is just beautiful.  I imagine someone would love to have this loft in Soho but they would have to sell an arm and a leg to live there…maybe even more body parts than that…like a kidney!  Luckily, this is Second Life where you can create your perfect living space for a fraction of the cost!

The Jules Industrial bed is available at the current round of We Love Roleplay.  It comes in adult and PG versions and has multiple texture options for the main bed, the pillows and the comforter.  We Love Roleplay will end on February 28th.

Decor Credits


Jules Industrial Bed @ We Love Roleplay

Trompe Loeil

Paxton Chair w/ Blanket

Paxton Log Coffee Table

Balance Lamp


Long Narrow Frames Monochrome

Rosette End Table Black

{What Next}

Large Beer

Black Blind Wide

[ keke ]

Sphere Chandelier


Fancy Glam Lighted Frame

Cozy Piles Coffee & Journaling


Retro Gas Pump Cobalt – N/A – Store currently closed

Cheeky Pea

Modern Industrial Word Art

Fancy Decor

Co-Ed Mag


Clutter Bowl


Love Succs Round Cactus

Love Succs Tall Cactus

Love Succs Heart Cactus

Apple Fall

New York Studio Apartment (modified)


New York State of Mind – Billy Joel

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Cabin Coffee

cabin coffee

Featuring [Krescendo] and *SK*

Having lived in Michigan most of my life, there were plenty of trips “up north”.  A few of my friends had cabins and most every summer we would pack up and head north for a weekend of camping and canoeing.  Some of us preferred to pitch our tents, some had trailers and some stayed in the cabin..maybe lucky enough to get a bed, otherwise camped out on the floor.

I will never forget the year that it rained…and rained..and rained.  We had a brand new tent and set it up with the others who preferred to “rough it”.  It was a great tent, 3 rooms with the entry room being like a screen house.  Well talk about a bad design!!  When the rains came there was nothing to shield the screen walls of that front room and it ended up ankle deep with water!  Everything was soaked!  Needless to say all of us in tents moved into the cabin for the next two nights and vowed our tent days were over..yes, it was that bad.

The day we got home from that trip I started looking for a popup and 3 days later we were the proud owners of a spiffy Coleman popup that I loved for many years.  We eventually moved up again to a hard side trailer and while it was nice, I really missed my popup.

There is nothing like a nice cup of hot coffee while camping…be it in a cabin, tent or trailer.  Summer is coming and I am looking forward to cabin coffee!

*For Kim…I know you are enjoying cabin coffee everyday.  Miss you!*


What I’m wearing

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Head – Catwa – Eva

Skin – Insol  – Nicole

Eyes – Aviglam –Heartbreaker Eyes @ N21

Ears – Swallow – High Definition Ears

Face & Body Moles – Izzie’s

Nails – e.marie – Coffin Nails Autumn Pallet

Hair – Navy+Copper – Beverly @ Soiree

Lingerie – *SK* – Hearts @ Kinky Event


My Coffee Mug – Secret Poses



Equipale Table and Chairs @ Cosmopolitan


Sisal Rug

Trompe Loeil

Enfield Chair w/ Pillow

Enfield Trunk Barbados Closed

{What Next}

Camber Coffee Tray

Camber Newspaper

Colonna Sideboard

Colonna Canisters

Colonna Chalkboard

Colonna Coffee Machine Red


Carried Away – Vase of Carnations


Ivy Old Window


Coastal Dock

The Beachstore

Romantic Sailboat

Starmark Creations

Weekend Cottage

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Pond Bulrush


Feeling Good – Nina Simone



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Seaside Sunset

seaside sunset

Featuring InsurreKtion

Loving this Shabby Mudroom set by InsurreKtion but as you can see I have moved it out of the mudroom and onto a seaside dock.  Sometimes you have to bring the indoors out and the outdoors in.  It looks like a perfect spot to watch the sunset alone or with friends.

The Shabby Mudroom gacha set is at the Lootbox gacha event which will be wrapping things up on the 17th.  You still have a few days to go take a peek and pick up some great items.



Shabby Mudroom Set @ Lootbox
Wall Deco
Illustration Set
Coat Rack
Bottle B

Dust Bunny 

Areca Palm Plant

Wiccan Book Stack


Sisal Rug


Fairy Tea Time Table

Evhah Store

EVH Gazebo Friends (modified)

Studio Skye

Snow Formations (texture modified)

Twin Palm



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City Highrise

City Highrise(1)

I love decorating and there is never a shortage of supplies in Second Life.  Great things come out almost every other day.  I never get tired of arranging, rearranging and then re-rearranging a scene!  Its part of the fun.  For this picture I used a mix of new and old releases and would be content to curl up on that sofa, turn on the record player and enjoy the view.  The sofa and shelf unit are the newest releases by NEWCHURCH.  The sofa is part of the Flix & Chill set currently at the Red Light District and it is loaded with options.  You can change the color of the sofa, the cushions and even resize it to fit your avatar to perfection.  The set includes a rug, coffee table, tv, remote control, popcorn and more (not shown here)…everything you need to enjoy a weekend binge session of Netflix.  The Bonny Console includes all the decor items shown on its shelves and is available at Cosmopolitan.  It is modify so you can change the color of the wood to suit your needs.  Be sure check them, take them home and enjoy your own view!

{Decor Credits}

Featuring ::NEWCHURCH::