Kaleidoscope of Beauty

Featuring Soul2Soul and Sway's So this amazing thing happened the other day and this photo is the result.  I am now a blogger for Soul2Soul!  You may recognize the name as they have some of the most beautiful regions across the grid.  I have visited, explored and taken photos there on more than one occasion. … Continue reading Kaleidoscope of Beauty


Wrapped In Silk

Featuring *SK* So this is the first chance I have really gotten to talk about what is going on in the world.  I had a busy blogging schedule this month between Pose Fair and Tlalli in addition to my regular sponsors.  I did my ten Pose Fair posts quickly so that I could focus on… Continue reading Wrapped In Silk

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Taking My Moment

Featuring PosEd Poses The last few days around here have been crazy!  This past Friday morning at 6:30 AM,  our spare bedroom ceiling fell to the floor, the sheetrock soaked from the rain that has been going on for days. A little background...my husbands job was moved out of state a few years back and… Continue reading Taking My Moment