Hey Fall, Don’t Steal My Sunshine!

Featuring {Old Barn Door} So yesterday I saw a meme on Facebook of a beautiful fall picture with the title "Who's ready for Fall?" and I admit I felt a twinge.  I love summer and everything that the season entails; barbecues, swimming, flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, sweating my a** off.....wait..ok, maybe I… Continue reading Hey Fall, Don’t Steal My Sunshine!

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Bomb’s Away!

Featuring Fashiowl Poses Indoor pools!  Gotta love em!  One of my good friends in high school had an indoor pool and boy did we have some fun with that thing!  This indoor pool is a new release from Fashiowl Poses and it is LOADED with poses!  Thirty of them to be exact and it also… Continue reading Bomb’s Away!