Boys Will Be Boys

Featuring {Old Barn Door} I think everyone needs their own little spot to get away from the world from time to time.  Just a place to relax in comfortable surroundings with your favorite things in view.  It can be an entire man cave or she shed or simply a reading nook, an outdoor garden or… Continue reading Boys Will Be Boys


Watchful Eyes

Featuring MudHoney Standing in the shadows just out of sight stands a watcher watching your every move they are sent by another world to snatch your soul They only select the ones who think they are being watched because they know they are perceptive souls The next time you think you are being watched You… Continue reading Watchful Eyes


Witch, Please!

Featuring Promagic, Refuge and |T|L|C| Home Collection I had came across this old article a while back and bookmarked it because I knew it would come in handy as we approached Halloween.  What I didn't expect was just HOW perfect it would be thanks to Promagic's new gacha release coming soon to the special pop… Continue reading Witch, Please!


And They Called It Puppy Love

Featuring MudHoney and PosEd Poses Advice from a Puppy Unleash your curiosity Sniff out opportunities Always find your way home Drive with the windows down Hide your favorite snack Delight in the simple joys of a long walk When loved ones come home, always run to greet them! Credits What I’m wearing Victoria’s Standards Hair… Continue reading And They Called It Puppy Love


Remy – The Finest Chef in France

"Anyone Can Cook" Ok...my love of Disney is showing but I mean, come on!!  Vespertine knew this was going to happen!!  For those who haven't drank the Disney koolaid, this is my re-creation from the movie Ratatouille.  It is a super cute movie and I couldn't resist. That is all...carry on...nothing more to see here… Continue reading Remy – The Finest Chef in France


Ray of Sunshine

Featuring MudHoney I love a splash of yellow in a room, especially in summer.  If I didn't have dogs and at the hair that goes along with them, I am sure at least one room in my house would be done in all white and yellow.  Until then, there is always Second Life...where you never… Continue reading Ray of Sunshine


C’est Magnifique

Featuring MudHoney  So this great thing happened a couple of days ago!  I got the great news that I was accepted as a blogger for MudHoney.  Talk about excited.  Here is the first, of what is sure to be many, post featuring the beautiful creations from MudHoney. Looking for a shower that is fun AND… Continue reading C’est Magnifique


After Hours At The Beach

Featuring {Old Barn Door} It's summer and beach photos are all over Facebook and Flickr.  Until now my beach and summer photos have all been sunny and bright but just because the sun sets every evening doesn't mean there is still not fun to be had on the beach. Evening is great for sitting around… Continue reading After Hours At The Beach


Painted Desert

Featuring *SK* and [Fetch] I know I mentioned the other day how much I missed blogging while I was moving and without internet....can I just say it again...I really missed blogging!  *Laughs*  I love building a scene, trying to get all the trimmings and trappings just perfect and complimentary to whatever it is I am… Continue reading Painted Desert

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Something Old, Something New

Featuring Aphrodite Shop and [Krescendo] Are you a baker?  I like to bake, I just don't do it often.  The things in this photo remind me so much of my mothers kitchen.  She swears her best kitchen items are her old vintage ones, like her bowl she makes her chocolate chip cookies in. I'm not… Continue reading Something Old, Something New