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I Can Show You The World

Featuring *SK* I had so much fun with this photo and I'm not ashamed to admit I wore this outfit out and about the whole day.  It's the new release, Deliah, from *SK* out now at Days of Yore.  For starters, it's beautiful and secondly for some reason it just took me back to my… Continue reading I Can Show You The World

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Party with the Royals

Featuring [Krescendo] It's not New Year's Eve yet but it looks like the girls are in full party mode.  [Krescendo] has a new Iconic Headband gacha out at Cosmpolitan and these will be great for New Year's Eve.  They can do just about anything except make you a drink.  They are menu controlled for size,… Continue reading Party with the Royals


Petal Glow

It's another rainy day here and as I walked to the mailbox I could see where the rain has beaten the petals off of my Crepe Myrtle and the petals are now lying about in purple puddles.  Once again I was inspired by nature to shoot this picture.  I love these petals by Persefona and… Continue reading Petal Glow