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Cupid Who?

Cupid Who_

Featuring [Krescendo], [Aleutia] and Lyrium

No, she doesn’t wear a diaper or carry a bow but my hubby thinks she’s better than that version of cupid every day of the week! *winks*

Let’s start with this gorgeous chaise!  It’s the Queen’s Daybed by [Krescendo].  It comes in PG and Adult versions and also includes a hud with wood and fabric options.  It will be available  at the Sultry Event which starts on February 13th at 10 PM SLT.

Next up is this sexy little number from [Aleutia]. This set is the Audrey Lingerie and is available at Equal10. It comes in delicious colors and the top has options for silk or lace coverage.  I love the hardware on the panties! Perfect for Valentines Day and all year long!

Last but not least is my pose from Lyrium.  When I first started blogging and before I had any sponsors, I purchased the Lyrium Pose Collection and it has been worth every Linden.  If you are a new blogger and working to build a pose collection I highly recommend it.  It comes with several packs, Model, Pin Up and Portrait just to name a few.  What I love the most is the included hud that has all poses in it.  I just add it and scroll through to find exactly what I am looking for.  I love it and use it often.  Lyrium has luckily been a sponsor for a while now and though they weren’t when I purchased this set, I still happily feature it because of its versatility and ease of use….great poses for so many scenarios!


What I’m wearing

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Head – Catwa – Eva

Skin – Insol – Nicole

Eyes – Aviglam –Heartbreaker Eyes @ N21

Ears – Swallow – High Definition Ears

Nails – e.marie – Coffin Nails Autumn Pallet

Face & Body Moles – Izzie’s

Hair – Doux – Vega

Top – [Aleutia] – Audrey Top @ Equal10

Panties – [Aleutia] – Audrey Panties @ Equal10

Earrings – .fashionism. – Maya Fringe Earrings

Wings – On A Lark



Pose Collection Portrait # 5



Queens Daybed @ Sultry (opens the 13th)


Cupid – Sam Cooke

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My Charlie Brown Tree

My Charlie Brown Tree

I love a Charlie Brown tree…you know, the poor little tree with hardly any needles and saggy branches.  If you decorate it with a joy and love filled heart though, its branches will hold all the weight of the weight of the world no matter how much they sag.  I am decorating this Charlie Brown tree with gorgeous gacha ornaments from Fetch. They will be available at Tannenbaum on the Christmas tree lot.  There are 10 different ones to collect.  My sweater is also by Fetch and will also be at Tannenbaum in the Holiday Market area.  Tannenbaum starts this Saturday, November 17th and runs through December 22nd.  All of your favorite designers, over 100 of them, will be there.  You don’t want to miss it.

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring Fetch & Fashiowl Poses

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Northern Nights

Winter Woods(1)

You know that saying, “Its 5 o’clock somewhere”?  Well, I am pretty certain that its winter somewhere as well so I am not going to apologize for my winter photo.  If I didn’t already need a reason to start on winter pictures, Sway’s have given me yet another.  She is offering the Snowy Creek Stone Bridge and the Snowy Unpaved Road as items for the Fifty Linden Friday sale this Friday, November 2nd.  You won’t want to miss it as I am sure you will get much use out of them the whole season.  The bridge comes in long and short versions and the road comes in a variety of shapes and both sets have multiple options for heavy or light snow.  The sets will be available Friday only so don’t miss your chance!

P.S. Thank you Ms. Dench for keeping me busy! ❤️

{Decor Credits}

Featuring Sway’s

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Pumpkin Patch Afternoon

Pumpkin Patch Afternoon

Halloween is almost here!  This is your last weekend to add the finishing touches to your decor, get your candy ready, carve your pumpkins, make pumpkin seeds and spend a day at your local Pumpkin Patch.  If you are lucky you live near a really great one that has hayrides, a haunted maze, cider and donuts and of course “pick your own” pumpkins.  This adorable set by Sway’s will get you all ready for pumpkin carving with your Second Life family.  It includes the table, stump seats, bucket, crate with pumpkins, knife, 3 carved pumpkins, pumpkin scraps and a pumpkin bowl.  It is also the monthly SPOTLIGHT product, meaning VIP members can get it for 50% off and even if you are not a VIP member you can still get 15% off.  Grab it now and have a fun carving party this weekend!

{Decor Credits}

Featuring Sway’s


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Pendle Hill


Pendle Hill by Lauren Bentham

A few days ago I received a group notice from the super talented Lauren Bentham, the creator and owner of several sims that I am sure every Second Life photographer knows well.  The notice said she had been secretly working on a new creepy sim just in time for Halloween and since I love Halloween and I love her work I knew I would be going to visit…well, today was the day. Pendle Hill here I come.

When you arrive at the landing point you are offered a flashlight, the Pendle Hill Info and Rules notecard and a Landmark.  The notecard contains useful information about joining the group if you wish to rez props.  The notecard also states that the sim IS going to be a year round sim, not just here for Halloween.  Be sure to use the region windlight setting and turn up your sound.  I also want to add that none of my photos have been edited beyond cropping and all the lighting you see is created inworld (Advanced Lighting enabled).  Let’s continue!


From the landing point if you turn and face the water you will see this great sunken ship silhouetted in the moonlight. You can hear the wind whipping, waves lapping and see the lightning off in the distance.  Carefully work your way inland to explore the buildings.  There is a Magick Shoppe directly ahead and more buildings to the east. I headed to what I took to be the main house.


With the creep factor setting in, I could only hope that Mr. Crow’s eyes were the only ones I felt watching every step I made.


The house is full of spooky, old things along with voices, music boxes playing and old clocks ticking.  Be sure to watch out for cobwebs!


There is much to see at Pendle Hill so allow plenty of time and explore all of the buildings and the surrounding grounds.  I will be back for sure and am glad it will be a year round build.  Have fun and happy haunting!!

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Seaside Snooze

Seaside Snooze

The heat index was in the triple digits yesterday…so much for autumn and pumpkin spice lattes.  Lyrium released another 1L freebie and I couldn’t resist showing it off.  There are a lot of great poses in the Marketplace that are great for new bloggers looking to build a pose collection.  You can find many that are either free or under 5L.  This bench, which I love, is by PILOT and was available on a Fifty Linden Friday a few months back.  I had just started blogging and thought that will look great in a picture and I was happy to set it free from my inventory for a bit while I took this photo.  I’m sure fall is lurking just around the corner but until she decides to show up again, I’ll stay right here.

{Style & Decor Credits}

Featuring Lyrium

  • Pose – Lyrium – Bento Freebie #2
  • Bikini –Scandalize– Melissa
  • Hair – Entwined – Sophie
  • Sunglasses –Yuli – Adorable Gem Sunglasses
  • Earrings – [VEX] – Diamond Studs
  • Face & Body Moles – Izzie’s
  • Body & Face Beach Sand – Izzie’s
  • Nails – e.marie – Autumn Palette Coffin Nails
  • Body – Maitreya Lara
  • Head – Catwa Eva
  • Skin – Insol Nicole in Peach
  • Eyes – Aviglam – Vivid Eyes Catwa applier – Natural
  • Lipstick – Luxrebel – Naomi
  • Bench – PILOT – Flyaway Bench (Pink)
  • Beach Dunes – Studio Skye
  • Palm Trees – Studio Skye
  • Location – Set build by Victoria



General Blog Posts

Cheveux on the Rocks

Cheveux On the Rocks

“Cheveux on the rocks please.”  It sounds like you are ordering a drink but in reality…well, make that virtual reality, it is a great new hair by Cheveux available at the Hair Fair.  The Hair Fair starts September 22nd and if you are in the demo group you get access to all the demos today, September 21st.  The sim design is great this year with sort of an “out west” feel about it with cute little clusters of cactus scattered about.  You can also hop on a prim bus again this year, to help you move around the sim.  Most importantly, this is a fundraising event for Wigs for Kids.  You can read all about the important work they do here. The Hair Fair runs thru October 7th so be sure to visit the sims, get some new hair and donate to a great cause.

{Style Credits}